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  • Accounting & Financials
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tekoa erp

TEKOA ERP is a cloud based Software As A Service Application that runs your entire business.  Built with a modular structure, choose the components your business needs.  Seamlessly integrated, the various TEKOA ERP modules all work in concert to provide a customized solution for your business.

It's About Business Agility

In today's competative global marketplace, making your business agile enough to take on new opportunites and grow is often linked to the technology infrastructure that supports your enterprise and business workflows.  For example, growing sales may involve creating EDI relationships with your major Customers and Suppliers.  However, to move in the directions your business needs, requires state of the art technology that leverages the best in class software and process resources.

How TEKOA ERP meets the needs of Today's Enterprise

TEKOA gives businesses the agility to adapt to new information and resources that grow your enterprise.  With best in class technology and tested and true workflows TEKOA users avoid the pitfalls of legacy ERP software and move ahead into technology and software that is agile and moves your enterprise forward into new horizons.

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 Standard Modules  Description
 General Ledger Track financial transactions automatically generated by other ERP business processes.  Robust and very capable General Ledger finaincial tracking with multiple account segments and cost centers.  Ideal for the midsize enterprise with sophisticated General Ledger requirements.
 Accounts Payable Maintain and monitor Vendor and Supplier purchases and payments.  Allows for division of Vendors for dynamic General Ledger posting.
 Accounts Receivable Maintain and monitor Customer sales and cash receipt payments.  Allows for division of Customers for dynamic General Ledger posting. 
 Bank Reconciliation Reconcile financial transactions with bank statements.
 People Contact Manager Maintain an organized list of everyone the business works with, including Customers, Vendors and Prospects.  Maintain unlimited addresses, contacts, attachments and more. 
 Inventory Management Advanced warehouse management capability and product organization.  Includes ability to configure options for products that require configuration.  Multi-warehouse and dynamic General Ledger posting by location and Customer / Vendor. 
 Sales Order Complete order fulfillment business process from Quote through shipping.   Automated functions guide users through picking, shipping and completion of Sales Orders.
 Purchase Order Complete order procurement business process from Purchase order through receipt reconciliation.  Easy Receipt entry allows bulk receipt across multiple Purchase Orders. 
 Mobile Mobile optimized functions for many ERP business processes, including Receiving, Picking, Shipping and Production Operation Entry using hand held barcode or RFID devices. 
 Reporting All modules include standard reports for business analysis. 
 Advanced Modules  Description
 Business Intelligence SQL Server Report Services for dissemination of custom reports, dashboards and analytics.
 Make To Order Mfg Manufacture custom product specific to Customer order requirements.  Complete production management features from release to production to close and reconciliation of costs.
 Discrete Manufacturing Manufacture product for inventory.  Track entire production process with visibility into status, location and costs and quanities involved in production operations. 
 Return Material Auth Track customer returns for warranty, rework or repair. 
 Quality Assurance Mgmt  ISO quality control for Manufacturers.
 B2C Commerce Web Online sales using unlimited ecommerce shopping cart sites. 
 B2B Commerce Web Online sales using customer web portal with custom price and product availability. 
 Point of Sale Process sales in real time on hand held devices. 
 Fleet Management Track GPS, product delivery and confirmation in real time on hand held devices. 
 EDI Integrate EDI data partners with TEKOA ERP for increase sales, efficiency and accuracy. 
 Data Archive Store archived historical data for reporting and analysis. 
 Application Integration Sophisticated integration capability with other applications and data sources. 


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tekoa erp

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All TEKOA products are made and supported in the United States.

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