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Cloud based Electroinic Data Interchange software for Today's Enterprise.


Connect with your Customers and Vendors to increase the accuracy and efficiency of procurement and fulfillment workflows at your enterprise.

Grow new sales channels with EDI integration with your ERP software.


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Cloud Based EDI Software

Build data relationships and monitor transactions online using TEKOA's online Software as a Service EDI solution.



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Partner Setup Service

Start to finish professional services help you connect your EDI data partners to exchange EDI documents like 850's, 810's and 856's.


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Increase Sales

Open new sales channels by engaging your customers with EDI.  Exchange new orders and related EDI documents with your key customers.


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ERP Software Integrated

Seamlessly connect TEKOA EDI with your Enterprise Resource Planning software application to streamline operational workflows.


tekoa edi


TEKOA EDI is a cloud based EDI software solution that electronically connects your business to your customers and facilitates the exchange of orders your customers make for your products.  EDI is a well known method for exchange of data between organizations and has been in use for decades.

TEKOA EDI is unique in that it is a modern cloud based solution.  There is no need for you to install, update or maintain EDI software on your business network.  TEKOA EDI is a Software As A Service (SaaS) solution for today's cloud enabled enterprise.

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tekoa edi software

 edi software EDI Integrated with your ERP

The TEKOA EDI solution can be integrated with many different ERP software solutions.  Integrating with your ERP software adds a layer of accuracy and efficiency to your enterprise.  EDI documents exchanged with your data partners can be automatically integrated with your ERP  so as to ensure the transmission of data is accurate. 

In addition, integrating with your ERP makes your business more efficient, removing the need for duplicate manual data entry of the EDI information. 

Make your enterprise more accurate and efficient by integrating TEKOA EDI with your ERP software solution.

TEKOA EDI is compatible with many different ERP software solutions.

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Professional EDI Services

We provide EDI management services for TEKOA EDI.

Get help from start to finish with your EDI project.

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