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Run your enterprise with one cloud software solution, consolidating accounting, inventory and manufacturing workflows into one resource planning solution.



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 Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Improve sales and customer service with the state of the art ERP software solution from TEKOA.  Cloud based SaaS software that provides a modular application to meet the demands of today's midsize enterprise. 

Accounting, Inventory, Production, Business Intelligence and more enables your business to manage multiple business process requirements with one central application.

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Integrate your ERP software with this cloud based EDI solution and increase sales and the accuracy and efficiency of your operations.

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TEKOA Commerce

Open multiple sales channels with online sales to new and existing customers with TEKOA's Commerce suite of online sales tools.

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TEKOA Intelligence

Analyze ERP data with customizable reports and information dashboards that help you make wise business decisions.

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TEKOA Mobile

Increase the accuracy and efficiency of warehouse and production operations with handheld devices and barcodes in real-time.

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TEKOA Point of Sale

Process new sales on the spot using mobile devices.

Increase sales and Customer satisfaction.

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Track financial transactions across your entire organization with state of the art cloud based ERP software.




Warehouse Management

Improve procurement and fulfillment operations with detailed order and product management.




Reports and Dashboards

Gain key insights into the productivity of your business with customized reports and dashboards.




Production Management

Know when and were production operations occur and keep tabs on production from start to finish.



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